Winnekenni Castle

There is an adorable little castle located in Haverhill Massachusetts. It's about a two hour drive for me so one Sunday I made the trek. And they were having a car show which was a little bit of a bonus. Here are some pictures and a little bit about the history of this quaint little castle.

If you want to learn more about this castle you can visit the official website for it here.



Winnekenni Castle


It is situated on the top of a hill which is as a castle should be and it overlooks Lake Kenoza. Although the tree line eclipses your line of sight of the Lake during summer. But I bet you can see it very nicely from the top of the castle.

The story of how this castle came to be is an interesting one. A local man ( Dr. James R. Nichols) was inspired to build it after he took a trip to England. Work begun on it in 1873 and it was completed in 1875. It was sold to the city of Haverhill in 1895 and around 1n20 it fell out of use and was boarded up. In the 1960's it was the victim of a series of fires which completely gutted it, leaving only the stone shell.

In 1968 a foundation was formed to bring it back to life. To this day the foundation cares for it and maintains it.



The Castle

And here is a look inside

The great room



Here is a google map:

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