Trim Castle

Trim Castle was definitely my favorite castle in Ireland. This is for a few different reasons. First off it was the location where they shot a lot of the movie Braveheart. That's pretty cool. My tour guide pointed out various scenes from the movie and where inside, and outside, the castle they were shot. And the office has a photo album with all kinds of pictures that were taken during the shooting of the movie.

It is quite amazing the stuff they do when it comes to shooting a movie. They turned a historic ruin of a castle into a functioning little world. Well, functioning in terms of how it looks.

And, Trim Castle has a keep right in the center of the grounds and this keep is in just about perfect shape. We had a tour throughout the various floors.


The Trim Castle Keep


Outer walls of Trim Castle

Here is a great view of the castle across the river. The river was important to the castle because it was the means for easily shipping supplies across the country and receiving supplies. There is a special port gate that gains entrance to the river from the castle grounds.

Trim castle over the river



Room in Trim Castle

Here is a picture inside one of the rooms in the castle. Interesting thing about this room and this window is that it is the actual window that Longchamps threw a man out of in the movie Braveheart.






The disarming Room

This is the disarming room inside the keep. It is the first room into the keep and it is where guests and visitors would remove their weapons.






Here is a great look down into the keep. We are on the third floor and looking down into the main area.

Main area of the castle keep


Key to the KeepI had to take a picture of the key to the keep. This thing is enormous. You can see the size of it as compared to the tourguides hand. It is 250 years old and it is the main key to get into the castle keep. Kind of amazing.












The main door to the keep

And here is the door and the lock that the key is for. This is the main door and we are standing inside the disarming room.


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