The Puzzle of the Mysterious Medieval Chest

Do you recognize the Castle carved on this 13th Century Chest?

There have been some insightful and scholarly analyses of this medieval chest. Read Here

This chest was donated to a museum by William Randolph Hearst. It is a 13th century chest and it is now owned by a private collector. The puzzle is about the carving of the castle on the chest.

I received an email from the son of the owner. He wants to identify the castle on the chest and give this information as a birthday present to his dad!

My best guess at the castle is that it is Castle Coch also known as Castle Red, which was a manor house built in the 13th or 14th century. (The chest could very well predate this castle). Anyway, this carving reminds me of Castle Coch because of the compact size, numerous towers and the cross theme on the towers.

Do you know a bit about castles? Do you recognize the castle carved in this chest? If so, send me an email!

Here is a closeup of the castle on the front of the chest:

medieval chest

Overall view of the chest

medieval chest 3/4 view

Front View of this medieval chest

front of this 13th century chest

Left Side

left side

Right Side

right side



















































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