The Case of the Mysterious Medieval Castle Plate

I received an email from somebody that has a rather mysterious metal plate. There is a bit of a mystery about it and an interesting story. This person who emailed hoped that I could identify the castle on the plate. No luck here. It doesn't ring a bell. But I thought maybe somebody out there could lend some insight into the castle or even the plate. So, if you can lend some insight, anything at all, send me an email:



Here is some interesting background information on the plate:


.  I have had this in my
possession since the mid 80's.  There is no date, no copyright or makers
identification on the plate at all.  It weighs aproximately 5 lbs.  I bought the
plate for a small amount from a local goodwill shop.   At that time I was
working for a lady that had a house full of antiques and I questioned her about
the plate.  She become agitated when I described it to her, wanting to know how
it came into my possession.  According to her, her daughter had the only two
known to be in existence in America.  Her daughter's plates had been discovered
buried under the old homestead of her ancestors.  She said they had been hidden
there to protect them from theft during a war.  I don't know what war.  I do
know that the black color on the plate will rub off slightly and there is
a shiny  metal under the black.   Thanks for your help.  Hopefully someone can
give me some insight on it.

Another interesting note is that the plate looks gold in these pictures but that is because of the picture and maybe the flash. The actual plate looks blackish to the naked eye.

The Plate


Here is a closeup of the castle. The flag, the shape of the turrets, and the structure on the mountain top in the background might all be clues as to what castle this is. Even the wall shape around the castle.


UPDATE and More:

I received an email from a gentleman who has a very similar plate. The design of the plate is different but clearly the castle and the background are the same:

Here is his hypothesis and clues on this plate:

Absolutely Will.  My investigation leads me to one of two castles.  Go with me on this, I think it is an artist rendition or likeness of either Nuremberg Castle or Wartburg Castle.  Here is my reasoning: 1) Nuremberg because it was the home of the Kaiser and Parliament from 1332 to 1806.  2) Wartburg because it was the place Martin Luther translated his New Testament.  A depiction of either of these places as an icon or relic for the German people during Hitlers regime would have been frowned upon (might shed some light on the comment made by the other owner about the plates being hidden during the war, I'm assuming WWII.)  I know this might be a stretch but if you were an artist in Germany in the 1920's or 30's and you wanted to sale your art to tourists or the local population, what castle would you put on a plate?  Absolutely this is a guess to say the least but after looking at pictures of the two castles if the artist took some liberty with the surroundings attempting to make it look like the 11th or 12th century, these might fit.  Of course I have not ruled out the possibility of a fictional castle by some artist somewhere in Europe.  Trust me it won't hurt my feelings if somebody thinks I'm off my rocker on this.

I got an email from a gentleman (Robert) His grandparents found this plate in the walls of their home in the 60's! Wow. Terrific looking castle and a wonderfully detailed plate. The second picture shows the marking on the back of the plate. If you can identify this plate or this castle then be sure to send me an email so I can let Robert know! Thanks






















































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