The Cranston Street Armory
(Providence, Rhode Island)

It was built in 1907 for a cost of 650k. That was over 100 years ago and right now it is vacant. It needs substantial work (In the tens of millions) and it is currently owned by the state of Rhode Island.

I took a day trip to Providence to see this fortress and to get some pictures of it.

The outside structure seems to be in excellent shape and of particular note is the beautiful yellow/orange stone work. I got lucky. I arrived as the sun was getting low and casting beautiful light on it.

This next picture is not dramatic but I included it because it shows the whole structure. All of that in the picture with a tower on the left and a tower on the right is all the same building. It is a big armory. I should return to it in the winter when the trees have lost their leaves so I can get a picture of the whole thing.


This next picture gives you a good look at the gorgeous color of the stone work. Notice too the copper covered tower and crenels.

The base of the fortress is granite. This is for structural strength. It may also have affected the cost of building it. Whether that granite base made it cheaper or more expensive I don't know. But those granite blocks are pretty big.


















































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