The Castles of Arizona

I took a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. And during my planning and research ahead of time I discovered that there are some castles in Arizona. And they were within driving distance of the Canyon! So I visited them. Here are some pictures and information about them.

Well, these three castles are called castles but of course they do stretch the definition of what a castle actually is. But, they are nonetheless rather interesting and rather fun. I visited them and took some pictures for you.

The Three castles are:

1. Montezuma's Castle - Built somewhere between the 12th and 15th centuries right into the side of a large rock cliff. Built by the native people of the time. Interesting structure and about an hour from Phoenix.

2. Copenhaver Castle (aka: Camelback Castle) Built in the 60' and 70's it has been closed for a long time but is now purportedly under renovations. I saw an auction sign outside the property. Situated on a cliffy hill with a nice view of Phoenix arizona.

3. Mystery Castle - Built by a man in the 1930's as a gift and tribute for his daughter. Quirky hand-built castle. Within the city limits of Phoenix arizona.


1. Montezuma's Castle

It is a wonderful peublo style structure carved into the side of a very high cliff. Evidently it was inhabited for centuries but also has been long abandoned. At the site the state of Arizona has a nice set up with a tourist center and nice walking paths. I have more pictures of Montezuma's Castle here


2. Copenhaver Castle

I don't know a whole lot about this castle. But it is a contemporary build from the 60's and 70's. And I believe it does have a bit of a history including bankruptcy and change in ownership. I think that it is currently up for auction. My visit to it yielded pictures but I couldn't get too close up to it. The gate for the road up to this castle was chained and locked and there was a sign for a famous London auction house. So, I am guessing it is currently up for auction. I have more pictures of Copenhaver Castle here


Mystery Castle -

The story of this castle is of a man who in the 1920's was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. And at his doctors recommendation he moved to the better climate of Arizona. But he left his wife and daughter behind. And over a period of 30 years he built this castle for his daughter. In his later years she moved out and took possession of the castle where she lived for decades. It is privately owned today but open for public tours on certain days. I didn't go inside but I did take pictures of the outside. I have more pictures of Mystery Castle here


All in all I was glad that I made time to see these three castles. It added a little bit of a different flavor to my trip to Arizona.

















































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