Biltmore Gardens

One of the big attractions of Biltmore is the amazing grounds and gardens. And I said grounds and gardens because they are two very distinct things. Let me explain.

The grounds of the Biltmore estate are magnificent. It is the area owned by and surrounding the biltmore castle and it totals about ten square miles in area which is very substantial. And this is important, it adds a lot to the experience of visiting the Biltmore. Off the main road you approach a large stone gate. It is a gatehouse just like castles always have. And you are now in the grounds of the castle. There is an approximate two mile drive to get to the castle. And this drive itself is wonderful. Something worth doing just for itself. The land is luscious and varied. There are lots of trees, winding roads and plants. There are small brooks everywhere, ducks roaming around and even a section of bamboo trees.

The stewards of Biltmore have very carefully thought out this beautiful drive. As you turn a slow corner within a wooded section you will see a hilly outcropping planted with flowers. But it isn't fake. It has a very natural feel to it. You just feel like you stepped into some secret forest somewhere - teeming with beautiful life.

Ok. That's the grounds.

There is also the Gardens! This is a more traditional garden area of the compound with walls, trellices, lots of flowers and more. picture walking around the gardens of an English Manor. This is what the gardens are.

And my favorite part of the gardens is the conservatory. It is a 19th century greenhouse with lots of exotic plants and a rain-forest like atmosphere. Right by the conservatory is a cafe. More about the acommodations but let's first take a look at a few pictures.








The Gardens are thematic so you can head to the ones that interest you the most. Of course you can always just visit all of them. Let me give you an overview of the themes of the gardens:

  • Italian Garden
  • Shrub Garden
  • Spring Garden
  • Walled Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Azalea Garden






























































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