Taragarh Fort - Also known as Bundi Fort

It is a fort located just to the north of Bundi in India.

It is an interesting castle that is built on a hillside. It has a series of escape tunnels dug into the hillside but these are no longer accessible to the public.

I am using the terms castle and fort interchangeably here.

The castle is in need of maintenance and repair. But it isn't a ruins. There is even a very beautiful and well maintained garden within its grounds.

If you plan on visiting it is open between 9am and 7pm and you should bring your own water, refreshments and food. I don't believe it has any food services. And it is located about 3km from the center of Bundi.

One of the big attractions of this castle is the assortment of wall murals and paintings found on the walls within.


Photograph credits to Pradeep Choudhary. Thanks!

Taragarh fort


Taragarh fort


Here is an overhead view of the fort in google maps. It shows the wonderful ground plan of it.

Google map view of the fort

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Check it out on Google earth here:
















































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