Synonyms for Castle

The word castle itself is a bit of a loose term and it can be used to define a wide variety of buildings. They did change quite a bit over centuries. We will think of castle as being some kind of a fortified building. From there we can derive a lot of synonyms.


  • Citadel
  • Fort
  • Keep
  • Fortress
  • Palace
  • Manor
  • Peel
  • Safehold
  • Tower
  • Estate House
  • Chateau
  • Hall
  • Dungeon
  • Bastion
  • Garrison
  • Bulwark
  • Redoubt
  • Donjon
  • Presidio
  • Fortification
  • Castillo (Spanish)
  • Alcaza (Spanish)
  • Schloss (German)


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