Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith is an early 13th century fortress. 
Located in Monmouthshire Wales and it is National Trust property. 


No cafes or gift shops on this site just the castle itself and free to all visitors.  I found the remains of a mill wheel and sluice at the rear of the castle. There is a small doorway in the wall and this was a watergate and it leads to a nice little lake. 

The tower (Keep) is quite impressive as it dominates the area within the castle walls. It is also part of a Three castle system.  This means that Grosmont Castle and White Castle were under the control of one person. That person was William Fitz Osbern, the Earl of Hereford a title bestowed by William the Conqueror after the Norman Conquest of 1066.  William Fitz Osbern died in 1071 and so unfortunately the lands were forfeited to the Crown.  This is what happens when your son decides to rebel against the King and Roger de Breteuil ( his son) in 1075.  The King divides the properties and they became reunited under King Stephen in 1130's  Further historical events suggest that there was some building around the 12th Century.  Fortifications were carried out by Ralph of Grosmont who supervised building work for the King in Hereford.  Further work was carried out by Hubert de Burgh and he was declared to be the lord of the 3 Castles by King John in 1201.


The Castle Floorplan:


















































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