Singer Castle

This castle is situated on an island in Alexandria bay. That is the border between New York City and Canada. The island is called "Dark Island".


It was constructed in 1905

This castle has a wonderful story about how it came to be.

It is designed after a castle in a fiction novel. The novel is "Woodstock, or The Cavalier. A Tale of the Year Sixteen Hundred and Fifty-one." The story in the novel takes place in 1651, the novel was published in 1855 and the real castle was built in 1905.

The idea and inspiration came to the architect and designer of Singer Castle Ernest Flagg. And the Owner who had it built was Frederick Bourne who was the fifth president of the Singer Sewing Maching Company.

For me this story is simply amazing. The architect read the novel which had a castle in it. And he was so taken by it that he designed it in real life. Then somebody actually paid to get it done. That is a beautiful story!

Ok, check out some pictures then there is more information about the castle and how to visit it below.

Special Note: This castle has lots of secret passages!



This next picture is of the library.

Tours and visiting the castle:

I purchased a ticket with a company called Uncle Sam Boat tours. They have a wide variety of tours, dates, and times within the Thousand Islands. Check out their website for more. This link will take you directly to their Singer Castle Boat trip and tour page.

This is the trip and tour that I took. It is a half day kind of thing. You catch a ferry boat out to Singer Island where tour guides greet you then take you on a tour of the castle. You then get back on the ferry boat and either return to the dock where your car is or you can get off at Boldt Castle just to walk around on a self-guided tour. When you are done with Boldt Castle you then hop on a ferry back at no extra charge. This is what I did. I also have pics and information about Boldt Castle right here




















































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