Searles Castle in Windham New Hampshire

During my travels around America one of the first stops I made was at this beautiful castle in Windham New Hampshire. It is currently privately owned and is used for functions like weddings. The official website for this castle is here: Searles Castle Windham


One of the unique and beautiful things about this castle is that it is made from three different stones: Field Stone, Granite and Dark Red Sandstone. That Sandstone is quite beautful and works very well as an accent and as detail work.

This castle has some very unique characteristics including the already mentioned dark red sandstone. And it is built with some concentric rings which was a typical architecture feature for castles that were needed for defense. If you want to see a video of this castle you can watch my youtube video here:




This next picture gives you a sense of the concentric ring design. There is space between the stone walls and the towers.


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