Searles Castle
in Great Barrington Massachusetts

The castle has several unique properties including the fact that it was constructed of Blue Dolomite stone. And it is styled in a way that is described as French Chateau and Renaissance.

Several movies have been filmed here including a Liam Neeson/Meryl Streep movie entitled Before and After .

It is a private academy now and privately owned so you can't visit it without specific permission and an invitation.

If you want to see a video of this castle you can watch my youtube video here:



Searles was a big fan of granite. He used it in many places and you can see a lot of it in his home town of Methuen Mass. (I have more about methuen here.) This stone wall outside Searles Castle is a good example.

And right across the street from the Searles Castle is a Gothic Revival Cathedral. You can easily spot the style because of the buttresses and the arched doors/windows.



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