The Castle in the Movie Ironclad

I am going to blend some fiction with some reality in this article. But either way it is all about a famous castle called Rochester Castle which still stands and had quite a remarkable history. It is also a major figure in an upcoming movie called "Ironclad".

One of the terrific things about this "castle" is that it is a legitimate fortress of the battle tested and battle hardened kind. There are lots of castles that are called castles but are more of the "wealthy king wants a showpiece" type of castle. This... is a castle! The kind of place that really protected people from rampaging kings and barbarian invaders.



Rochester castle has been sieged three times in it's long hisory. In 1088, 1215, and 1264. The bloodiest and most interesting of these was the one in 1215. And this is the one that is in the movie IronClad.

And it is the kind of place that needed to be sieged in a very serious way - with siege engines! Yes, this really happened to Rochester castle and it is something that is shown in the new movie Ironclad.

The movie IronClad is based in some historical fact in that it served a pivotal role in the reign of King John and the aftermath of the signing of the Magna Carta.

King John tried to revoke the MC and waged a devastating series of battles across the countryside. One of these battles took place at Rochester Castle. It was a siege and it is portrayed in the movie. It also, of course includes lots of siege machines like Catapults, Trebuchets and Siege Towers.

Pretty cool stuff. This is something that movie making can do very well. Imagine what happened and then reenact it! And the makers of this movie did their homework. They spent twelve weeks building a castle set based on the real Rochester castle. And they did a lot of research on the architecture of the time so they could get it just right. Sounds like a lot of fun!


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