Pictures of Helmsley Castle

Here are pictures of the grounds in and around Helmsley Castle which is located in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, UK. I have also included here a quick history of the castle.





Quick history of the Castle: (Which is almost 900 years old)

12th Century - As with many castles through the centuries this one started as a wooden structure on this site. It went up around 1120 AD. In 1186 work was begun to convert it to a stone structure. At this point the main shape of the castle was formed. And over the course of the next hundred years various owners made changes and additions including the addition of the chapel, various walls and a new hall.

16th Century - The function of the castle was changed and it was renovated into a Tudor mansion no longer being needed as a fortress protection against siege.

17th Century - The castle was sieged for three months and the inhabitants eventually surrendered. The castle was then slighted so it could no longer be used as a safehold.

18th Century - The owners built a new manor home nearby and left the Castle to decay

20th Century - While still privately owned the English Heritage Society maintains and cares for the castle..


I have more stuff about this castle right here:













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