Pax Amicus

This is a castle and a theatre. "Pax Amicus" is latin for "Peace to a Friend".

One of the beautiful things about a castle is that it is in earlier centuries is was more than just a fortress. It was an event center. A place where people gathered and things happened.


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And this is where Pax Amicus focuses - on the events and gathering aspects of a castle.

It is a theatre! Yes, a real theatre with a stage and lots of shows that take place on a regular basis. You can check out their website to see what events are coming up. I stopped in for a Renaissance era show which was great.

It is located on a lake and about 100 yards from it. You drive down some small roads to get to it and park in the parking lot around the castle.

When I arrived there were several school buses there and the theatre was full of kids and teachers and the show had started.

And then during lunch a lot of them went down by the water to eat. It was great. And I have a picture of the water area down below.

So.... I learned a lot of about castles by visiting this castle. I learned about the feeling of community that a castle can invoke.



Here is the picnic area on the water right across the parking area from the castle. The castle is maybe 50 yards behind us.


















































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