The Riddle of the Mysterious Medieval Castle - Solved!

The mysterious medieval castleA couple of months ago I ran across a picture of a Medieval Castle perched right on the edge of a cliff. It was in with a bunch of pictures I had and I really wasn't sure if the castle was actually real or just something that was Photoshopped. It seemed very suspect. I posted it to my blog asking for help with it and a friend of mine just sent me an email with some more great pics and informaton about the castle. It is actually real and it is called "The Swallows Nest"

He owns a nice sea-worthy sailboat and for a second I thought maybe he had visited it! But no, he stumbled across it while doing some research. Anyhoo Here are more pics and some information about this beautiful, and unique, medieval castle.








wonderful shot of the perched castle  

      the castle overlooking the baltic


beautiful view of the castle


Top of the castle

About the Castle

The Castle is called "The Swallows Nest" and it is located on the Aurora Cliff near the city of Yalta on the Black Sea.

Castle location

The map above shows the location of it on the black sea Near the city of Yalta. Just off the map to the lower left is Istanbul which is on my list of places to see. So if I ever get to Istanbul I will definitely make the trek to see the castle.

It was first built as a wooden structure in 1895 It was torn down and rebuilt into its current stone structure in 1911. In 1927 a serious earthquake did minor damage to the castle but did major damage to the cliff it sits on. So it was closed for 40 years. In 1968 the castle was renovated and a monolithic concrete plate was added to the cliff for strength. Today an actual restaurant operates in it. Someday I am going to have a meal in that restaurant!!!!!

If you want to learn more about this wonderful castle here is a wikipedia article.





































































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