Save Kimball Castle

There is a castle located in New Hampshire called Kimball Castle. It took two years to build and was completed in 1899 by Benjamin Ames Kimball who was the president of the Concord and Montreal Railroad.

It had an interesting history until in 1960 the last owner and last heir died leaving it to a charitable foundation. You can learn more about the history of it on the castle website right here.


A group of concerned people has come together in order to save this castle! They have a facebook page right here: Save Kimball Castle Check out the page and if you are interested in joining you can ask to join.

According to an article in the New Hamshire Union Leader the asking price for the castle is $799,000.00. This is for the castle and the acreage.

The castle has been fenced in because the towns building inspector has determined it to be a public safety hazard.

Special thanks to Darnell for sending these pictures in. If you want to contribute or participate in the saving of this castle you can contact her through the Save Kimball Castle Facebook page.



























































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