More Castles in Ireland

I have quite a few pages of Irish castles and each castle gets its own page. But here I just have some of the stragglers where I just have a picture or two of the castle. Some castles were simply a drive by. But some of these castles are nonetheless magnificent!



Bunratty Castle - This is a terrific keep. And it is used for regular medieval banquets that tourists can enjoy. They have it in the banquet hall and of course they have a mead reception! Doh! I am so sorry I did not attend one of these events. From what I read in the brochure it is a very in-demand event and you have to book in advance. The mead is Bunratty Mead!

Bunratty Castle


King John Castle in Limerick is a very nice fortress style castle with beautiful round towers. It is situated right on the river.

King Johns Castle

Here is another look at King Johns castle. You can make out the main gate a little better. It is right between those two big towers on the left.

Dublin Castle is really pretty cool and worth a visit if you are staying in Dublin. It isn't really much of a fortress. It is more of a manor house or 17th century chateau. Although there is a pretty impressive round tower there and you can see the cathedral on the right.

Dublin Castle

And here is a castle that is currently for sale. I can't remember the name of it!

Castle for Sale


TowerAnd one fascinating thing about the Irish country side is that you will see keep towers like this all over the place. Many of these were built by Cromwell or commissioned by him. They are literally all over the place. I saw at least a dozen of them and there are probaby hundreds.


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