Montbrun Castle for sale

Montbrun Castle is a fully decorated and furnished French Chateau. Here are a few tid bits about it:

It has a renowned and illustrious history. It was built in 1179 and was an active part of the crusades and it is where Richard the LionHearted lived, died and is buried. It is located on about 500 acres and it has been totally renovated to modern standards - while still preserving its authenticity. And that means all the modern amenities like Satellite TV, dsl, library, jacuzzi, a real theatre and modern professional kitchen. Yet it still retains things like a chapel, great hall and 15 guest bedrooms.

Something like this is very well suited to an extreme upscale family, a bed and breakfast or who knows what.

The sales website for this castles has a quote from Brad Pitt. Evidently he and Angelina Jolie had considered buying it!

If you want to learn more, check out pictures and even a floor plan you can visit the official for sale website for this castle. Or you can check out the Wikipedia page.

Photo: Courtesy Wikipedia


A Little more about this castle.

Although it was originally built in the 12th century it was destroyed and rebuilt a couple of times of the past millennium. It now stands as a good representation of a 15th century fortress with its rectangular floor plan, round towers and massive keep in the center. This style of castle building is called Romanesque.































































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