Marmaris Castle - continue ( Stuff in the museum)

Paul has also taken a whole lot of internal pictures for us including stuff in the castle museum. And he really had me stumped with this first picture. He challenged me to recognize what this object was and I am embarrased to admit I couldn't recognize it! And quite silly of me because I am a big fan of stuff like this. Anyway the darn thing is a sword sheath! Yup! A sword sheath. Never seen one like this before.





I have four different pages about this Castle


Here is the sword sheath. It is made of cast bronze. The large circular part at the very bottom is pretty interesting and one has to wonder what the purpose of that is. Possibly to act as a counterweight to keep it all balanced when the sword is in it.

The plaque at the bottom says that unfortunately the sword wasn't found with the sheath.




















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