Malbork Castle

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The   Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork

is the largest   castle   in the world measured by land area (52 acres) and is located in the Polish town of Malbork . The castle is a classic example of a medieval   fortress and, on its completion in 1406 it was the world's largest brick castle.

It wasn't conquered many times. It has 3 castle walls , archery towers and large barracks. In 1466 both castle and town became part of   Royal Prussia, a province of Poland. It served as one of the several Polish royal residences, fulfilling this function until the Partitions of Poland   in 1772. During this period the Tall Castle served as the castle's supply storehouse, while the Great Refectory was a place for balls, feasts, and other royal events.

During the   Thirty Years' War, in 1626 and 1629   Swedish   forces occupied the castle. They invaded and occupied it again 1656 to 1660 during the   Deluge. Fortress of Malbork is world famous .

Malbork Castle is also one of Poland's official national   Historic Monuments , as designated September 16, 1994. Its listing is maintained by the   National Heritage Board of Poland.

Malbork Castle


Malbork Castle


Malbork Castle

Malbork grounds



Malbork: The Castle of the Teutonic Knights

The history, in text and photographs, of the castle at Malbork, which served as the capital of the Teutonic state in Prussia beginning in the 14th Century, and now is one of the greatest tourist attractions in northern Poland.



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