LuckNow Castle
"The Castle in the Clouds"

Lucknow Castle is an interesting little castle nestled in the New Hampshire mountains not far from Laconia. But to call it a castle is a bit of a stretch. It is more like a stone built manor house or a very big hunting lodge. Kind of. I guess you could say this about any castle in america. This country is really not old enough to have real castles. They stopped building those 500 years ago.

It was built in 1913-1914 by Tom and Olive Plant. He was a wealthy industrialist who made his money during the manufacturing heyday of the period. He manufactured shoes.

There are some unique things about the castle including the fact that it was made from gorgeous timber and local stone which is often the case with this kind of building.

And the place does have some amenities including a carriage house which is a restaurant that has an excellent ambiance and some great food. This restaurant is well worth the visit. They tried the preserve the feeling of maybe somewhere around the 1920's which was a time when this castle was at it's peak.

If you are planning a day trip I say this place is well worth it.This is what I did. It was a three hour ride to get to it from where I live but the New England/New Hampshire scenery is just wonderful. They have a certain flair that you just can't miss. If you can do this visit in the fall when the foliage is in full bloom this is probably an absolutely magnificent trip.

Quick Guide the castle and the grounds

You pay at an entrance gate at the bottom of the mountain then take a snakey road half way up to a stop at a very nice waterfall where you can also do some easy hiking. Then you drive a little further up to an observation point where the view of New Hampshire is simply wonderful. Finally you get up to the carriage house and gifshop where you can eat and buy some gifts. And its a two minute old fashioned trolley ride to the castle.

The castle itself is small in comparison to other castles but it is an interesting tour with guides in just about every room. You can see how they lived in the period and learn about the Tom and Olive.

To learn more you can check out their website here: The Castle in the Clouds

Ok here are some pictures

The front of the castle

Lucknow Castle front view

The back of the castle

Lucknow Castle rear view

The owner's office.

The office

Being nestled on the top of one of the peaks this castle gives some simply magnificent views both from outside the castle and inside the castle.

wishing well

The back of the castle with a wishing well/water fountain

turret and wishing well

This is the waterfall that you can stop at on the way up. It is worth the stop. Don't miss it.

The waterfall





















































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