List of castles

Here is a list of castles that I have on this website. You can click on the link to go to the page for that castle. Most of these are castles that I have visited so I have pictures and information based on what I saw. A few of them are just popular castles or something that somebody sent me.


New! Castles of the World Interactive Google Map

This is such a fun project that I have been working on for a while. It is a google map with the locations of world castles on it. You can look around the world, zoom in on countries, click on a castle icon, and learn more about that particular castle. Fun and pretty neat. It currently has 88 castles on it and I am working on it every day to add more. Castles of the World Interactive Google Map


Castles In Germany

  • Auerbach Castle - Triangular keep with encircling wall. Original structure was built by Charlemagne. Rebuilt in the 13th century, partial ruins in excellent shape
  • Neuschwanstein - This is the castle of castles located in Germany
  • Pfalzgrafenstein - Wonderful little castle from the 14th century. Located on a little island right in the middle of the Rhine river. Now a museum and you can take a ferry to see it.
  • Hohenschwangau - Nice little 19th century palace
  • Heidelberg Castle -Now a castle ruins - Constructed from Red Sandstone
    Considered to be one of the most romantic sites in Germany. And its illumination at night is strikingly beautiful


Castles In Ireland

Castles in Japan

  • Shuri Castle - Absolutely beautiful castle located in Okinawa Japan. Destroyed during the war and rebuilt.
  • Himeji Castle - The epitome of Japanese castle and the location for many movies including the Last Samarai and a James Bond movie.


Castles In the United States

  • Bannerman Castle - A warehouse built in a castle style. Positioned on an island and you take a ferry out to see it. Nice little half day trip.
  • Belcourt Castle - (Newport Rhode Island) - More of a manor house yet a remarkable thing in Newport
  • Braddock Carnegie Library in Braddock Pennsylvania - The first of thousands of libraries that Andrew Carnegie built all across America.
  • The Biltmore - Wonderful castle/mansion with ten square miles of grounds and gardens. Well worth a visit. I also have a page specifically for the gardens right here: The Biltmore Gardens
  • Boldt Castle - A beautiful castle located on an island in upstate New York. You can take a ferry boat to visit the island and the castle.
  • Buhl Mansion - A beautiful ashlar sandstone building located in Sharon Pennsylvania. It is now a guest house and day spa.
  • Bryn Athyn Cathedral - A beautiful medieval Cathedral in Pennsylvania.
  • The Cloisters - This is the most medieval site in all of America. And it is authentic in that parts of the structure shipped over from Europe.
  • Copenhaver castle - Also known as Camelback Castle. This is a castle home built in the 70's and currently up for auction. I believe it is incomplete and being worked on. Located in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Cranston street Armory - (Providence RI)A large Fortress over 100 years old and currently not being used. One of the remarkable things about it is the beautiful yellow/orange brick work.
  • Duke Chapel - Beautiful English Gothic Cathedral on the Duke University Campus.
  • Fonthill Castle - Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Constructed of Poured and reinforced concrete and by Moravian Tile Entrepreneur Henry Mercer. Open to the public. This castle also has nearby the Moravian Pottery and Tile works
  • Fort Monroe - A classic seven sided Stone Fortress and the largest ever built in the US. Located in Virginia and still in excellent condition. Until recently it was still being used by the US military.
  • Gillette Castle - Connecticut - Beautiful castle built by a theatre actor most notably as the character Sherlock Holmes
  • Grey Towers - Milford Pennsylvania - Originally a private home, later donated to the US Forest Service.
  • Hammond Castle - Massachusetts - Built by an inventor who was on a par with Edison.
  • Hearst Castle - It was built as a residence by William Randolph Hearts and it was 30 years in the making. It is now a living museum of art and architecture that is unparalleled. It is a testament to the hey day of the 19th century wealth in America.
  • Herreshoff Castle - A small and privately owned castle modeled after a tenth century original. Also a bed & breakfast.
  • Kimball Castle - New Hampshire - 100 year old castle built in a very European style
  • Kentucky Castle - A Hotel, Restaurant and Event Center.
  • Lyndhurst Mansion - An english style manor house built of stone and on a very english manor estate with grounds and a carriage house.
  • Lucknow Castle (The castle in the clouds) - New Hampshire - More of a manor house and built by a wealthy industrialist in 1913-14.
  • Montezuma's Castle - Not really a castle but this is the official name. It is a pueblo style castle structure carved into the side of a cliff over 500 years ago. Located in Arizona.
  • Mystery Castle - This is a castle in Arizona built by a man as a tribute to his daughter. Built in the 1930's from locally sourced materials.
  • Osborn Castle - A privately owned castle. You can only see it from a distance but I have some nice pictures.
  • Pax Amicus Castle Theatre - A Theatre with regular shows of all types, my favorite being Shakespeare and Renaissance era.
  • Saint James Episcopal Church - Not a castle but a great example of gothic revival architecture on a small scale.
  • Searles Castle - Windham New Hampshire
  • Searles Castle - Great Barrington Massachusetts
  • Singer Castle - On an island in upstate New York in Alexandria Bay - Castle to the sewing machine empire.
  • Winnekenni Castle - Adorable little 150 year old castle in Massachusetts
  • Wings Castle - A castle built over the past 50 years by a couple in NY. Eclectic and fun. Looks like a hobbit castle.


Castles In France

  • Le Rivau Castle - France -wonderful old world charming castle with a tie in to Joan of Arc.
  • Peirrefonds Castle (Chateau de Pierrefonds) A Medieval Castle
    Rebuilt in the 19th century as a 14th century style medieval fortress
  • Chateau Gaillard - Richard the Lion Hearts Castle. A castle ruins with a long history of being sieged.
  • Chateau de Vigny - Renaissance Style Troubadour Castle And it is for sale. The asking price is 5.7 million Euros.


Castles In Austria

  • HohenSalzburg Castle - Austria - Beautiful and famous castle perched on the top of a hill. I don't have a lot about it but I did build the paper castle version of it.

Castles In Egypt

  • The Citadel - Cairo Egypt - I visited this castle and it is quite a work of art including massive walls. And it has a very long history particularly in the crusades.


Castles in England

  • Alnwick Castle - Superb Castle Still inhabited by the Duke of Northumberland.
    Of particular note is the adjacent Alnwick Garden which has such notable things
    as a poison garden with poisonous plants and an actual treehouse restaurant.
  • Arundel Castle - Beautiful castle and gardens. Alive and very vibrant throughout their open season with many events including re enactments. If you are going to visit check their schedule of events.
  • Aydon Castle - It is a 13th Century Manor house that was fortified.
  • Bamburgh Castle - Spectacular Stone Fortress - A storied castles with Ghosts and many stories. Where the famous and unique sword of Bamburgh was found.
  • Barnard Castle - Beautiful castle ruins with a whole lot of character.
  • Belsay Castle - Over 700 years old and in terrific shape. Privately owned right up until just a few decades ago
  • Belvoir Castle - Home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland Occupied by the Dukes of Rutland for over 1,000 years Currently the 11th Duke
  • Goodrich Castle - A well preserved Medieval Castle dating back to the 11th century. Open to the public and hosts regular events.
  • Helmsley Castle - this is a wonderful castle ruins with a thousand year history, owned by knights, passed down through families and even sieged at one point.
  • Lindisfarne Castle - Located on an island called Holy Island off the east coast of England. This is a beautiful and compact castle that is still very much in tact. And it is all tied in with the famous Lindisfarne Mead.
  • Lewes Castle - I only have three pictures of it but this is a nice little castle in Lewes, East Sussex
  • Middleham Castle - This was the childhood home of Richard III and it was considered the Windsor of the north. It is now in partial ruin but nonetheless a wonderful castle.
  • Moil Castle (Caisteal Maol in Gaelic) A ruins dating back to the 10th century.
  • Prudhoe Castle - An interesting fortress with a nine hundred year history.
  • Scarborough Castle - Wonderful castle ruins that was first built, as we currently see it in 1130 but it goes back 3,000 years when it was a Roman Signal Station. They had a wonderful re-enactment festival there and I have pictures of that too.
  • Tintagel Castle - King Arthur's Castle - It is only rumored to be the castle of Merlin or Arthur.
  • York Castle - It has a thousand year history and was an important part of the past. It is now mostly gone but the famous Clifford's tower still remains.

Castles in Wales

  • Beaumaris Castle - A concentric ring castle considered to be the best example of a concentric ring castle in all of Britain.
  • Caerphilly Castle - Outstanding Medieval Fortification. It utilizes concentric rings well including walls and water.
  • Castell Coch - A gem of a Gothic Revival Castle. (The name Castell Coch is Welsh for Red Castle.)
  • Cardiff Castle - A gem in the capital city of Cardiff. Rectangular walled in castle with a keep on a hill. Magnificent tourist spot.
  • Chepstow Castle - A castle ruins on a ridge over a river.Dates back to the 12th century. Served for centuries in a military capacity and now is a ruins that is open to the public.
  • Conwy Castle - This is an amazing and rare walled city project that remains to this day.
  • Harlech Castle - Great Britain - One of the amazing things about this castle is how many times it has been sieged.
  • Powis Castle - A medieval castle in perfect shape and a popular tourist spot. It has an amazing gardens and a museum.


Castles in Scotland

  • Balmoral Castle - Autumn home of the Scottish Royal Family. They reside in the castle for three months out of the year. The remainder of the year the castle offers guided tours of the castle and Safari tours of the grounds.
  • Balloch Castle - 19th century Castellated Mansion - It is in Tudor Gothic style and built near the site of an earlier castle that dates back to the 12th century
  • Stirling Castle - Home to the Famous Sterling Heads, A collection of large medallions of famous people carved in Oak and quite unique
    Over its long history it was a fortress, a Renaissance palace, a prison and now a museum
  • Edinburgh Castle - A popular and worthwhile tourist attraction and has the honor of being the most sieged castle in the world having been sieged 26 times in its long history
  • Eilean Donan Castle - One of the most picturesque castles in Scotland. Located on a small island with a stone walk to get to it from the mainland. It has been featured in many movies and tv shows.


Castles in Switzerland

  • Aigle Castle - Beautiful Vinyard castle - It is located on a vinyard in Switzerland and it houses two museums to wine and wine making. If you are a fan of both wine and castles this is a great destination.


Castles in Austria

Castles in Italy

  • The Aragonese Castle - A shell keep located on a small island.
    Just off the coast of Ischia it is attached by a bridge that is 220 meters lng
    It is a unique castle perched on a small island and taking up most of it.


Castles in India

  • The Amber Fort - India - This is a fort standing over a lake and it is a pristine stone fortress that glows with an amber color
  • The Red Fort - India - Located in Agra this stone fortress is an impressive structure in perfect shape.
  • Bundi Fort - Also known as Taragarh Fort - A castle built into a hillside with a network of tunnels. 3km north of Bundi India. Partially in disrepair but open to the public.
  • Jaigorh Fort - This is a Military Fortress that was also the site of an enormous foundry that forged cannons including the largest wheeled cannon at the time. It is open to the public, has a garden and a small musuem with military weapons and armor. This is also the reputed site of the search for a lost treasure that never has been found.
  • Mehrangarh Fort - This is an interesting fortress with a very vibrant museum. There are many unique collections in the museum including a collection of turbans from the region, palanquins, weapons, armor , paintings and some famous swords.
  • Chittorgarh Fort - This is a UNESCO World Heritage castle and it is quite unique in that it is also referred to as a Water Fort. This is because at one time it had 84 water bodies covering 40% of it's grounds
  • Nahargarh Fort - Built as a place of retreat and holiday for the Amer Kings. It has palaces, gardens and an excellent view of Jaipur.
  • Ranthambore Fort - A wonderful Hill Fort located in Rajastan. Estimated to have been built in the 10th century. I have pictures and some information about it.

Castles in Poland

  • Malbork Castle - Medieval Gothic brick castle in the unique style of the Teutonic Knights


Castles in Romania

  • Bran Castle - Commonly referred to as Draculas Castle
    It was built in defense of the Ottoman empire and later as a customs post between Transylvania and Wallachia.


Castles in Syria

  • Krak Des Chevaliers - A Crusader Stronghold and a good example of medieval military gothic architecture. It has changed hands several times over the centuries between opposing forces of the Crusades.


Castles in Spain

  • The Alhambra - A stunning Fortress and Castle - A great displaying of Muslim art in the late European influence. This is where Isabella gave permission to Columbus for his exploration of the New World.
  • The Alcazar of Segovia - Distinctive and Beautiful castle
    Located on the top of a rocky crag And shaped like the bow of a ship. One of the best fortresses in Spain. Originally built in the 12th century.



Castles in Turkey

  • Marmaris Castle - This is a fortification that has existed in one form or another for five thousand years. That is quite an astonishing feat. It is a beautiful little oasis in a desert like environment and it was inhabited until 1979 - It is in excellent shape and now has a museum in it.


Castles in The Dominican Republic

  • I have an incomplete page here with a few photos. Maybe you know something about Castles in the Dominican Republic? You can help! Take a look.
















































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