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Castles and Manor Houses: history, architecture, sieges, examples, photographs, buying, selling, castle tours, renting and hiring castles, châteaux and manor houses.

International Heraldry : aspects of Heraldry from its early development in Medieval Europe. Heraldic practices in battle, mêlées and jousts. Examples from armorial rolls, grants, castles, manor houses and other buildings and artefacts. Includes an explanation of terminology and how to blazon arms.


Links and Resources to Famous Castles

Cathar Castles in the Languedoc - A great site with lots of resources to castles built by the French after the Cathar Crusade - very unique site.

Castles of the World Guide and resource for Hotels, Tours, weddings and lots of castles around the world.

Map of German Castles - Nice Resource to help you see where the castles of Germany are and the clickable map allows you to get more information on each of the castles.

Castles of the World - A company that specializes in tours to castles around the world.

Castles of Britain - Nice website lots of information, pics, trivia and even information about haunted castles

Castles of the United States

Official Links to specific Castles

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Blarney Castle in Ireland

Meersburg Castle


Information about Castles

Do you know the parts of a castle? Know what an oubliette is? How about a Motte? Here is a nice listing of the parts of a castle. Many of them have pictures. The parts of a castle

Ever wonder what life in a medieval castle was like? It wasn't what we picture nowadays in the movies. Here is a great explanation of the daily life in a castle.


Castle Fun Stuff

Want to stay in a place that might be haunted? Or has the reputation of being haunted? You might want to check out HauntedRooms.co.uk It is a directory of haunted accommodations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Haunted Castles - A website devoted to haunted castles and Hotels.


Have a few extra dollars to spare? Check out this castles for sale website!

Make a model medieval castleMake This Model Medieval Castle (Usborne Cut-Out Models)



More Castle Links & Stuff

Manor Castles - Nice looking site with lots of resources about castles you can stay in for vacations and trips.

Castle Books at Amazon.com

Visit Camelot
King Arthur's Home The Ultimate Destination

Castles on the web - a collection of links to castle resources

Castles of the World

Castles-of Britain.com Dedicated to the study and promotion of British Castles

The Castles of Germany

Roads To Ruins - Guide to Castle resources on the web

Castles for Sale - also listing of castles to rent, tours and more

100 German Castles - German Medieval Castle Hotels - Nice site, lots of information

Dark Isle - Castles, Manors, and Abbeys of Scotland

Castles of the Middle Ages

Great Castles - A Journey into Europes Medieval Past
















































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