Life in a Medieval Castle

Essay On life in a Medieval Castle at the Wales Castle Site - has an interesting overview of what life was like in the castle. Different essays based on the Hall, The Kitchen, Water and more.

Castles of Britain Essay on life in a Medieval Castle - Life was not easy in a medieval castle but they made the best of it!

Book: Life in a Medieval Castle

In their heyday castles were homes to the wealthiest and most powerful members of society-royalty and the great nobility, who displayed their wealth by giving sumptuous banquets and maintaining large households of retainers and servants. As they traveled from castle to castle, the monarchs and nobles exercised governance and dispensed justice.

The first part of this book describes the household of a great castle. The second and third parts relate the evolution of the castle and its role in society. The final section traces the decline of the castle in favor of grand houses and palaces.A wealth of source material, along with archaeological evidence, brings the world of the medieval castle to life.

The Medieval Castle Book
The influence of the castle, both on the course of history and on the lives of the people who lived in them, has never been fully explored-until now. This fascinating book examines the evolution of the medieval castle, from the rigid social structure of its society to the types of weapons, training, and tactics employed during wartime. Above all, The Medieval Castle is a book about the daily life-from clothes and food to recreation and customs-and the people who made their homes inside a military fortress. Product Page at Amazon

Life In Medieval Times (DVD for young people) Product Description
Life in Medieval Times provides young people with the perfect introduction to everyday life in the medieval period of British history. Features a reconstructed working medieval village, and authentic recreations to illustrate all aspects of life all that time and more. With analyses by Dr. Martin Lowry (University Of Warwick), Dr. Robert Swanton (University of Birmingham) and Andrew Brown (Keble College, Oxford). Product Page at Amazon



































































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