Lewes Castle

I have a friend (Paul H.)who lives in the UK and on a trip he managed to make a quick stop and get a few pics of Lewes Castle. My thanks go to him for that!

If you live near Lewes castle, go on over and get me some pics! Or, if you have pics of it shoot me an email! Thanks!!


Lewes castle is located in Lewes, East Sussex, England.

Of note is that the castle has an Archaeological Museum located in the Barbican House. It is the Museum of Sussex Archaeology. It has a variety of collections from the Stone Age to Medieval Times.

It has many of the things you would expect at a tourist enabled castle including gift shop, toilets and the museum I had mentioned. They don't have any food service but the castle is located right in Lewes so you can easily get food nearby.

Here is the official Lewes Castle website

They also host a variety of events on the castle grounds. You can check out the calendar of events on the official website.

Interesting things about the castle

Many stone castles are the result of rebuilding over much older Motte and Bailey Castles. And Lewes is one of these. But it is quite unique in that it actually had two mottes which is rather rare. The timeline for the castle isn't exactly known but we do know that the first motte and bailey style was built shortly after 1066 and the stone fortification rebuild at some point in the 11th or early 12th century.

The castle now has a nice grassy bowling green. (You can see it on the map placard). But in medieval times it was an archery and jousting range. Kind of cool.



Lewes Castle


Lewes Castle Map


Lewes Castle


Lewes Castle


















































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