Kimball Castle

I have a life goal of hitting as many medieval castles as I can. And actually I have visited a few. And having spent a couple of years living in Germany I did manage to see some magnificent castles over there. But I rarely took any pictures! Doh! But I am now correcting that and taking lots of pictures of any castles that I visit.

Right now my visits have been local. I am working a circle around where I live and hitting any reasonable medieval castles that I can drive to within a few hours. And if I can't make it I am even hiring a photographer to go get me some pictures.

And this is what I did with Kimball Castle. I didn't have the time to go take a look at it so I hired a photographer to take the trip and bring me back some insight and pictures. It is located in New Hampshire.

By the picture above you really get the eerie feeling that there is definitely something peculiar about this castle.

Kimball Castle

Even though it is just over 100 Years old it does have some of the wonderful characteristics of older European castles. The storne work is a good example of this.












The whole castle is pretty much run down and the grounds around it have encroached on it. This is a picture of the back.


In the next picture you can see the top of the castle peeking up throught the trees which have surrounded a lot of it.

Top view of Kimball Castle


corner of the castleHere is a picture of one of the corner sides of the castle. The large arch is one of a series that break into a sort of open air balcony.


Continue on and Let's take a look at the inside of this castle



































































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