Inside Kimball Castle

This is part 2 of a series of pictures of Kimball Castle located in New Hampshire USA. This page has interior pictures. If you want to see some exterior pictures you can go to page 1: Outside Kimball Castle

This castle is only about 100 years old and it mixes some of the old with some of the new. The outside of the castle is semi fortress like with lots of rough hewn stone work. The inside of the castle is a bit more modern (albeit run down and abandoned) but one of the beautiful things about this castle is the gorgeous skylight in the atrium. This is a phenomenal piece of architecture that is perfectly set off by the wooden structure. When this castle was built, as in all its predecessors, light was a very big concern and this skylight really must have illuminated a lot of the inside. (The first picture shows a variety of halloween dummies and clothing strewn about). It looks like people were having little parties in this castle.


The next picture shows another of the wonderful architectural properties of this castle. On the second floor there is a porch (We are standing on it) and it has these series of arches that you can look out through. This must have made for some wonderful indoor/outdoor activities.


The Skylight

Here is a closer look at the skylight.















This next picture is interesting because of the window and it shows the state of the castle (run down) and it also shows that people do have little events in this castle. You don't think those goblets were filled with blood do you?

castle window


Basement of the castle

This is a superb picture looking at a window in the basement of the castle. Does it get any spookier than this?


Continue on and Let's take a look at the inside of this castle


























































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