Kentucky Castle -
Also known as Versailles Castle

Kentucky castle is a wonderful castle in Versailles Kentucky (Just outside of Lexington). It is a business castle. What I mean is that it is a hotel/restaurant and event center.

To learn more about them visit their website here.


Here is the keep of the castle.

It is surrounded by a square shaped stone wall with towers at each corner.

It is a large squared off and walled off area with a castle keep in the center and very reminiscent of a Norman keep. Although in a Norman Keep those towers at the corners would be square.

The big thing about this structure for a castle and it's grounds is that the grounds inside those walls are perfect for a lot of things including events, gatherings, parties, celebrations and more. And this is what they use it for.

Kentucky castle is a wonderful example of what a castle can be today. A gathering place for Staying the night, eating a meal or experiencing some kind of event like a concert, a wedding, a theatre show, or something else.

And it has southern flair. It is in an area of the country called Appalachia. And it definitely has some southern charm in terms of food, decor and disposition of the employees.


The Kentucky castle is a great example of how a castle can sustain itself in the modern world. And just like the castles of old it is a mecca, a meeting place where lots of things happen including guests staying, people eating and people gathering for events.


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