Miniature Kit - Metal Earth Himeji Castle

I was in a gift shop in New Hampshire and I spotted a series of little metal kits by a company called Metal Earth. Flipping through them I discovered a Himeji Castle kit. Cool! I thought. So I bought it for fourteen dollars.

It comes with three sheets of metal that are all laser cut for the various parts of the castle. You remove these pieces from the sheet and assemble them together with tab and slot.

It is a small castle and it takes a few hours to make but it comes out great. Very rewarding project. Here is a quick look at it and a video you can watch.

And if you want more Himeji I have a page right here with pictures and more from my trip to it.





You remove the various pieces from the sheets.








And assemble the pieces with tabs and slots.











You end up with various assembled parts that you put together like this. And that's pretty much it. Lot of fun and it takes a few hours. But if you like castles and you like putting things together you are going to like this project.






You can buy this same kit on

Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model - Himeji Castle

























































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