Inside Helmsley Castle

My friend Paul H. Lives in the UK. He recently visited Helmsley castle and he took a lot of pictures. He was kind enough to share them with us. My thanks go to him for this! They have a wonderful series of displays which include information and explanation of how the castle was built and how people lived in it. And a assortment of various things from the castle like silverware, weapons and pottery.

They also have a wonderful facsimile of the Magna Carta on display. This is because the builder of the castle (Robert de Ros) was one of the 25 guarantors appointed to make sure King John kept his word.

Overall I have a very strong opinion about this castle. No, it isn't the castle of a king and it isn't an enormous structure laden with treasures. But it is a stupendous example of castles from the middle ages. And it's remains are now very well cared for. If you want to get a real look at what an average castle was like this one is definitely worth a visit.

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