Heidelberg Castle

This is a castle ruins build from red sandstone.

The castle, over the centuries has been destroyed many times. These destructions include a lightning strike in the 16th century, war in the 17th century and another lightning strike in the 18th century.

The earliest castle structure on the site dates back to some time before 1214 and in the centuries following it was rebuilt and expanded on. For centuries it was a prominent place of goverment and power. And during various periods it was rebuilt and expanded up.

The castle has stood in partial ruins for centuries and rebuilding it had been a source of debate throughout all this time. Nowadays it has been ceded that leaving the ruins as they are is the right course of action.

Illumination and fireworks over the castle - Three times a year the city of Heidelberg has a special event commemorating the castle. It is called the lighting of the castle. They first light it up with colored lights then they launch a fireworks show over it. This all symbolizes the history of the burning and destruction of the castle. It is a very popular event and Will has actually been there for it. Although, I don't have any pictures of it :(. You can learn more about it and see the dates it will happen on the heidelberg website here.





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