Harlech Castle Floor Plan

Harlech Castle is an amazing castle that was built over a seven year period beginning around 1285. This castle is a wondeful example of the high art of building castles as fortresses. Here is a floor plan of the castle itself all the way out to the walls of the outer ward.

This castle is quite unique in many ways and I have lots more information about Harlech here including some of the famous sieges of it. The Siege of Harlech Castle




Some of the Interesting things about this Floor Plan.

  1. It uses the classic concentric ring defense. There is an outer ring which forms the outer ward. Then there is the middle ward that is surrounded by a wall and finally the Inner ward. This was a very effective means of defense.
  2. The castle was located on an excellent piece of land being about 200 feet up on rocky terrain which made it very difficult to siege or attack.
  3. It was almost totally surrounded (At the time) by either marshy land or a moat which made tunneling under it almost impossible and attacking it very difficult.
  4. The Water Gate was something very unique to this castle. It allowed the people inside to continue to receive supplies by water even when they were under siege and this allowed them to last 7 years in the longest siege of Great Britains history.
  5. The Tall walls, Circular towers, outer gate and Gatehouse are all indicators of the highest art of castle building.



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Harlech Castle

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