Grey Towers Castle

This is a beautiful small castle on very intimate grounds. It has a long history with the US Forest Service having been the home for a series of presidents of the Service. You can visit the website here to learn more about it.

There is another Grey Towers Castle in Pennsylvania. It is on the campus of Arcadia University in Glenside Pennsylvania. This article and these pictures are of Grey Towers Castle in Milford Pennsylvania.

Grey Towers was built in the style of a French Chateau in 1886 by Gifford Pinchot and was donated to the United States Forest service in 1963 at which time it was dedicated by then president John F. Kennedy.

Special about this castle: There are a couple of things that are really special. First off it has wonderful grounds that are very private and intimate. You can walk several paths around the back of the castle that lead to various private spots for dining, entertaining or just sitting and talking. It's very intimate and makes for fantastic evenings in summer. Secondly this castle has a tragic history and ties to John F. Kennedy.

The castle is open to the public but is seasonal with limited times so be sure to check their website if you plan on visiting.


Grey Towers

This next picture is a view of the castle around the back side.




Lets look at a few pictures showing you what I mean about how private and intimate the grounds are behind the castle. Instead of big expanses and large lawns there are lots of cozy little places.



















































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