Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire

I have a friend in the UK (Stephen) who recently visited Goodrich Castle. They were having an event there.

He was kind enough to take a whole set of pictures of the castle and he has shared them with us.

My thanks go to Stephen for this!

Goodrich Castle


About Goodrich Castle

The original castle was built in the 11th century as a motte and bailey style keep. But it was totally rebuilt in the 12th century as a Norman style stone keep. In the 13th century it was expanded greatly.

Of particular note is that during the English Civil war of the 1640's the castle was successfully sieged by a single mortar called "Roaring Meg" in 1646. The siege lasted two months. They have this mortar on the castle grounds. It is the only mortar to have survived from the English Civil War period of time. (I have a picture of it down below.) They also have a collection of actual cannonballs for it. These were discovered in the castle in the 1920's.

It sits on a crossing near the river Wye and the address is Castle Lane, Goodrich, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6HY

Visiting: It is open to the public and it has a full suite of services including restrooms, a tea room for light snacks, a gift shop and a picnic area.

Visit the official website for more information about the castle and how to visit it: Goodrich Castle



The courtyard


Goodrich castle

Below you can see the remains of a solarium.

The ruins of the solarium


In this next picture you can see the Norman Keep which was a 12th century upgrade and addition to the castle. It is the lighter colored stone structure.

The Keep in Goodrich Castle

The Roaring Meg Mortar

Roaring Meg

A close up of Roaring Meg.

Roaring Meg

I have more pictures of Goodrich Castle on the next page here

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