Free Books on and about Castles

Here are some ebooks in the public domain free for you to download.



British Castles by Charles H. Ashdown

Published in 1911

Some really good stuff about castles focusing on the types of castles and they are categorized such as the Shell Keep, Motte and Bailey etc.

Also a nice but small section on Siege engines and sieging of castles.

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Early Norman Castles ofthe British Isles by E.S. Armitage

Published in 1912

Covers the early types of castles including motte and bailey , Danish fortifications, Stone Castles of the Norman period and more. One of the great things about this book is that it has lots of excellent drawings showing the terrain and floor plans of these kinds of structures.

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Stirling castle - It's Place in Scottish History by Eric Stair-Kerr

Published in 1913

A history of the Castle and the various famous inhabitants. Includes illustrations and information on how the castle was updated over the centuries.

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