Medieval America - Four Castles along the Hudson River

In the previous installment we were up in the northern part of New York state and we had traveled past Niagara Falls and into Canada to visit with a blacksmith. In this episode we go south down the Hudson River toward New York city and stop at four castles along the way.

You can watch the video here:

The Four Castles are Wings Castle, Bannerman Castle, Osborn Castle and Lyndhurst Mansion. Here is an overview and a link to more information about and pictures of each castle.


Wings Castle - interesting and eclectic castle built by a couple over the past 50 years. Fun and reminds me of some kind of middle earth hobbit castle. They are open year round as a bed and breakfast and they do host special events like weddings. Otherwise, just as a tourist destination they are seasonal so you should check their website for when you plan on visiting. More about Wings Castle here



Bannerman Castle - Is interesting because it is located on an island all by itself but you can take a ferry that goes out to it. The ferry ride is complete with a guided tour of the island and the remains of this warehouse that was built like a castle. This tour makes for an interesting and different half day adventure. I did it and enjoyed it. More about Bannerman Castle here




Osborn Castle - This is a privately owned castle on private land so you can't get close to it. But you can get a good view of it, albeit it from a distance, from a place called Castle Rock Park. This castle is rumored to be the inspiration for the Wicked Witch castle in the Wizard of oz. Some say the name Oz came from this castle which is "Os"born castle. More about Osborn Castle here





Lyndhurst mansion - Wonderful english summer home manor like estate on beautiful grounds. Pictures an english manor with lots of manicured landscapes, trees and even a carriage house - which this mansion does have. It is now owned and run by the state you can visit the mansion, the grounds and the carriage house, take tours, visit the gift shop and see a show about the mansion. They often have festivals on the grounds. When I visited there was a big arts and crafts festival going on. . More about Lyndhurst Mansion here.


















































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