Fairy Tale Castles

Ok, There are literally thousands of castles all over the world, even in the United States. But, this article is about fairy tale castles. This evokes a very specific feeling. I have perused hundreds of sites, and a dozen books looking for the castles the most represent the term "fairy tale". They have a certain other worldly and imaginative feel to them. They also have to be in fantasy shape today. No artists representations of what they used to look like. These are castles that you can visit.



Well, this castle stands above all the rest. It is simply the epitomy of "fairy tale castle"

It is perched on the top of a mountain in Bavaria and was built by King Ludwid, also known as Mad ludwig.


Burg Eltz

This is a castle in germany. Parts of it are open to the public but a part of it is still inhabited by a branch of the family that has lived there for 33 generations now.

Photo by Stefan Kühn


Burg Hohenzollern in Germany

photo: A. Kniesel (= User:-donald- ), Lauffen


Craigievar Castle

it was built in the 1620's and was privately owned until the 1960's when it was given to National Trust for Scotland


Blair Castle

This castle in Scotland is privately owned by the Clan Murray family and it houses the only legal private army in europe! wow!


This photo was taken by Eusebius (Guillaume Piolle).

The Chateau de Saumer

This is a castle in France.

Photo by Kamel15

The Alcazar of Segovia (Spain)


Karlstein Castle in the Czech Republic


Pierrefonds Castle in Northern France

above picture is Free Art License .



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