A Shouldered Arch

A shouldered arch is a style of arch over a doorway. It was often used in castles and other stone structures. The picture below shows a shouldered arch doorway. And it gets the name because it looks like the doorway has shoulders.

The arch can be arched in shape or it can be horizontal and staight in shape (like in the picture). And those portions sticking out on left and right support the stone work above. Those portions are called Corbels. And Corbels are seen in many different shapes and sizes all over castles both inside and outside.



A shouldered Arch




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Castles: A History of Fortified Structures: Ancient, Medieval & Modern

I own this book and love it. It's all about the history of fortresses and castles. It covers them throughout the centuries and all over the world. it has a whole of of blueprints and floor plans showing the layouts of many castles. And it shows you how various castles changed over the centuries. This is one of my favorite castle books. It takes a real look at the function of a fortress.
















































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