The difference between a Fort and a Castle

The answer is a tentative yes, with qualifiers.The confusion comes in by way of the fact that the definition of "castle" is a bit vague.

But we can take a generalized look at what a castle is and define it as a fortified building.

And a fort is a "fort"ified area.


A Castle is a fortified bulding. It is a strucuture or a set of structures connected together. And a Fort is an area. Inside the area is a series of buildings and surrounding the area is some kind of fortified wall. The wall could be stone or some other material like wood.




The Romans were prodigiouis fort builders and they generally had two major types. The largest was the Legionary fortress which could house 5,000 soldiers. Their smaller version was an auxiliary fort for 100 soldiers. Want to learn more about Roman Forts? I have an article with pictures and more here: The Binchester Roman Fort







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