Peculiar Stories of Medieval Castles

Peculiar is about the best way to describe these stories. Many castles have been around for hundreds of years so it is quite understandable that some very unusual stories have been passed down from generation to generation. I would imagine that some of these stories are true. True to humans there are murders, betrayals, and of course dealings with the devil! I didn't include any hauntings in castles though. But there are a whole lot of those. I have an article that covers those right here: Haunted Castles




Glamis Castle - Located in Angus Britain - In the 11th century it is said that Malcolm II was murdered in this castle and in 1540 the Lady Janet Douglas, wife of the Earl of Glamis was burned at the stake as a witch. There is also a legend of how this castle has a secret room where the Lord of Glamis played cards with the devil.

Berkeley Castle - Located in Gloucestershire Britain - This is the place where one of the most infamous murders took place -that of Edward II by his wife the Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer. They attempted to starve him then they threw dead animals into a pit in his room and finally he was killed by a hot poker thrust into his bowels. yikes

Carew Castle - There are several peculiar stories that come out of Carew castle but the most peculiar story involves an ape! The story goes that Sir Roland Rhys lived in castle and his son eloped with the daughter of a merchant. Sir Rhys attacked the merchant with an ape but the ape turned on Sir Rhys and in the fight Carew castle caught fire.

Castle Rising - Ahhh, this is where the story of what happened in Berkely castle comes full circle. Edward III (son of Edward II) upon learning what his mother Isabella and Roger Mortimer did to his father had Mortimer executed then banished his mother for her remaining 30 years to live in Castle Rising.

Duntulm Castle - Two famous legends come from this castle. The first legend is the sad story of the baby son of the castles clan chief. It is told that his nanny dangled him out a window so he could see a passing ship, and she dropped him to his death. The second story is about a clan chiefs son who was impatient to get his inheritance so he plotted the death of his father. But, inadvertantly sent the murder instructions to his father rather than the assassin! Yikes! The son was incarcerated for the rest of his life only to eat salted beef with no water. It is claimed that many years later a skeleton was found and it was clutching a water jug.


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