Have your own Medieval Castle Built


It may be the stuff of dreams (or just wealthy people) but you can literally have your very own Medieval Castle built right here in the states and to your own specifications. There is a company in Idaho that specializes in just this.

The cost of the castle varies anywhere from 400 to 600 dollars per square foot and they do a lot of authentic work. We are not just talking about a late Middle Ages mansion here. The late Middle ages is when castles fell out of use and the structures were built more as a residency for the wealthy. This happened because the traditional castle was not very effective anymore because of gunpowder.

Anyway you can get an old style castle built, complete with towers, crenellated walls, archer ports, and all that other great stuff that makes a castle medieval! And you can even get it with all the modern amenitites like an internet hookup!

Hey, I am going to put this on my to do list. And as a worst case scenario I could ask them if they would build me a 1 square foot castle! I think I could swing the 400 -600 dollar cost of that! Here is the link to their website - Have your very own Medieval Castle Custom Built

































































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