The Ghosts of Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is promoted as the most haunted castle in Britain and they might be right. The Castle, does have quite a history. Some of it is fact and some of it is unverified. There have been eight verified executions in the castle and even more killings. And the most haunted spirit is called "The Blue boy" . This ghost stems from a story that when they were renovating the castle they discovered a secret area behind a wall where there were two remains, one of which was a boy. And upon inspecting the remains the boys corpse was found to have had its fingertips damaged which leads to the speculation that they were buried alive behind the wall and the boy damaged his own fingers trying to get out! Yikes! That is one spooky story. Whether or not the story is true I don't know. But my research has turned up that the castle was renovated in the 16th century and then again in the 18th and 19th centuries. If this is when the bodies were found then it has been a long time and stories tend to grow or fade over time. The story also goes that since the bodies were found the blue boy hauntings have stopped. This would lead one to believe that the ghost finally found rest.

Photo credit: Glen Bowman from Newcastle, England

About the Castle

I have quite a few books about castles and could only find limited information about this one. It is a Quadrangular keep and it used to have a curtain wall around it but most of this has been lost or ruined. It is however a very well preserved example of a Keep in the Tudor style and to the eye it is quite an imposing structure with its high walls and rectangular shape.

It was sieged in 1536 and it did suffer some damage during the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion. The building started out as a monastery in the 12th century and it was improved over the centuries. Most notably it was given a license to crenellate in 1344. This allowed fortifications to be built and it went from being a stronghold to a full fortress.

Because of the ghostly reputation of this castle there have been lots of documentaries and television shows about it and its ghosts.

The Castle is open to the public and it does have official ghost tours. There are some creepy things in the castle including a torture chamber! Here is the official website

Here is a video of a family who spends the night in the castle:



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