4 European Medieval Castles you can vacation in (Bed & Breakfast style)

The travel industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years. And so has the "castle" industry. Castles used to be stuck in this kind of limbo between museum and tour spot. They were relics from the past where you could walk through and learn about their history.

This has changed dramatically with the phenomenal success of the Bed & Breakfast Industry. Now there are many wonderful castles that have made the transition to B &B and you can spend the night or several nights sleeping in the same rooms as the royalty of old did!

Here are 4 Premiere European Castles with Bed & Breakfast accommodations. I say if you are going to travel to Europe why stay in a regular hotel when you can stay in a real castle!


The Castello Ripa d"Orcia (Siena) - Situated in the center of Orcia valley it is not far from Tuscany. This castle was built in the early middle ages and is absolutely gorgeous. Learn more about this castle on it's official website. Lots of pictures and clearly posted rates for the Bed & breakfast accommodations. More information about this medieval castle


Darver Castle - This is a 15th Century castle located 40 minutes out of Dublin. This castle has been renovated to modern standards and is a thriving business catering to weddings, vacations and corporate accounts. Go to the official Darver Castle website


Chateau de Ranton - Gorgeous 14th century castle located in the Loire Region . If you are really a big dreamer this whole castle and grounds can even be privately rented. Wow! The official website for this castle


This is a gorgeous medieval castle in the Northumbrian valley of the South Tyne. This is a real Medieval Castle that was built in the time when castle building was a matter of life and death! The walls are seven feet thick! Visit the official Langley Castle website

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You can see an interactive map of these castles and other Bed and Breakfast castles here:

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