Eilean Donan Castle

This castle is located on a small island at the confluence of three lochs. It has a long stone footbridge you traverse to reach it. You can see part of this bridge in the second picture.

The castle was originally founded in the 14th century and demolished by British naval ships in 1719. And it continued to decay until it was rebuilt between 1919 and 1932 at which time the walking bridge from the mainland was added. This modern iteration of the castle bears very little resemblance to the earlier version.

It is considered one of the most picturesque castles in Scotland and is very highly photographed and visited and has the been a shooting location for many television shows and movies including Highlander and The World is not Enough.

The castle also hosts weddings.

Visitor Information:

The Castle is open year round although the open hours vary depending on the season. And they do close the castle on days they are hosting weddings so be sure to check ahead of time. It is a general admission type of thing and they have a ticket center, a coffee shop and a gift shop.

There are a variety of companies that offer day trip bus tours to the castle and I have done this kind of a day tour. It is usually a pretty good option. I like this kind of thing.

Ok, for more information visit the official website for the castle.

Eilean Donan Castle


Eilean Donan


Eilean Donan Castle



Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles

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Eilean Donan Castle Model Kit by Aedes-Ars

Eilean Donan Castle Reproduction Kit;Made from real ceramic pieces which stimulate stone.;Includes all the necessary materials to build a high quality model.;Approximate number of pieces: 4600. Assembled Size: 35.4 X 13.4 X 9.1. Scale: 1/135;Located in Loch Duich - Highlands - Scotland. Built in the XIV century.

















































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