The Sketches of Bannerman Castle

I am traveling around America and visiting a lot of castles. This is because I have the goal of building my own castle. And one of the places I visited is Bannerman Castle in New York. It makes for an excellent day trip because it is on a small island and you have to take a ferry ride out to see it!

You can see pictures and learn more about Bannerman Castle on my webpage right here. The "Castle" was a munitions warehouse built by Frank Bannerman VI as a simulated Scottish Castle. And on the island is also a summer house that the Bannerman's would visit. Inside this summer home there are displays of various types that show the history of Bannerman and the castle.

And one of the things that really piqued my interest was the series of drawings made by Bannerman himself. These are how he envisioned the castle to be and how he directed the work crew to build it.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to see something like this. It came out of his mind and his imagination.





































































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