Dracula's Castle is for sale

Everybody is familiar with the story of Dracula and most everybody knows that it is based on a real life person called Vlad the Impaler who lived in 15th century Romania. What you might not know is that the centerpiece of the writing and the story is a real castle - and that castle is for sale!

The castle was owned by the Romanian government but has recently been reacquired by the family of Archduke Dominic von Hapsburg.

There has been a real boom in the high end real estate market all throughout eastern europe and it is well founded because there are quite a few magnificent buildings that have become available. They often get turned into high end condominium units, business headquarters or even casinos. But as far as all the properties go I don't think I would want to buy this one. It's not that I can't afford the 140 million price it's just that this place probably has a lot of bad karma.

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