Dioramas of Medieval Castles


If you follow my website or my youtube channel you know I love castles. And you also know that I love dioramas. So.... what could be better than dioramas of medieval castles?

Well, here is a selection of them. They depict actual castles.


Castell Coch

Prudhoe Castle

Lindisfarne Castle


Helmsley Castle

York Castle


Kilton Castle

Kilton castle


Kenilworth Castle

Chateau de Pierrefonds - I have more about this castle here

Picardie Pierrefonds1 tango7174


Stockton Castle and surrounding area

Stockton Castle is a castle that no longer exists. It used to sit on the Tees river. This artist diorama and rendition is a reconstruction of how it probably looked based on records going back as far as the 13th century.

















































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