Chepstow Castle

The first solid building of the castle begun around the years 1067 to 1072 with the building of the Great Tower. Over the course of the next 500 years many changes and upgrades were made to the castle.


As with many castles with a thousand year history it has seen many changes. For the first five centuries it was a fortress and it changed, grew and was modified. For the 15th to 17th centuries it saw relative quiet and was remodeled and used as a private residence. It saw military action again during the English Civil war and afterward it was disbanded and partially dismantled (1685). And since then it had seen periods of use but continued to decay. Today it is a ruins that is open to the public.

The floor plan of this castle is rather interesting because it shows the development and change of castle and how it was improved over the centuries.Chepstow Castle Floor Plan



The Castle from an 1812 Print.




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